168 Krantje lezen

Mailtje van de fokster van onze toekomstige Kina:

Hallo Ilona

Ik weet niet of jullie veel de krant lezen of een abonnement hebben maar bij ons lees je hem op deze manier.

Groetjes A**

© Cattery Wakanda

3 thoughts on “168 Krantje lezen

  1. Hello Ilona,
    I´m very happy to see that Kina will be your new queen.
    Astrid (Wakanda) wrote me that she will go to you.
    I love to see all these wonderful photos of the kittens of my Bhagalpur´s Amiral 🙂 on your blog and your website too.
    Warm regards & good luck for your breeding programm,

  2. Thank you Renate. I am honored to welcome Kina soon into our home. Thank your for your compliments and best of luck with your cattery. French Fairy looks very promising!

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